The Greatest Thing You’ll Ever Learn, Is Just To Love… Yourself

As I’m starting (trying) to turn over a new leaf this year, I believe that one of the things I need to work on is to love every part of myself more. Or at least see the beauty in my imperfections. Like all change, it’s hard to do this every day and I often still find myself criticizing and moaning over my appearance and my body. That said, this post written by one of my favorite bloggers on WP, has eloquently expressed the lesson that all women (and even men) need to learn! Whether you need inspiration, a reminder that you’re perfect as you are, or looking for an insightful read, I believe this post needs to be read by everyone.


Ash xx

Suzie Speaks

istock_loveyourselfI love being a woman. In particular, I love the process involved when getting ready for a night out and can often spend hours excitedly deciding on what to wear, carefully applying my make up, straightening or curling my hair, adding accessories, choosing shoes that look beautiful (and will undoubtedly make me lose the feeling in my feet and give me back ache after about half an hour). I do this solely for myself – I like to leave house before meeting my friends or with The Bloke feeling good about myself and my appearance. Those nights are special, a break from the daily grind of normal life and I think that occasionally it’s an uplifting experience to spend a little bit of time pampering myself after working hard all week and I don’t think that there is anything wrong with this. However, most of the time I dress very…

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Be here now

No, I’m not being rude and asking you to literally come here immediately.  I’m talking about a much more complicated theory- Mindfulness

I’d hear this word many times before, but never tried to find out more about it till the middle of my exams. A teacher told me to download the app ‘Smiling Minds’ which is a series of podcasts training you to be more mindful. In a nutshell, mindfulness is all about being in the present and embracing the ‘now.’ It took me a while to understand what that meant, but a coffee date with a friend clarified the gist of it for me.

Don’t dwell over the past: no sighing and saying ‘I wish this happened’ or ‘I should have done this’
Don’t look too far into the future: Don’t fanstasize too much about what you want your life to be
Focus on the Now: Just concentrate your senses and your thoughts on this exact moment

It sounds so simple when someone explains it to you and mindfulness is supposed to make you a more positive person, but implementing it proves to be far more challenging.  I can’t help but think back to past situations or imagine my future self. It’s hard to change! 

Thankfully,  Kikki-K, which is now my FAVORITE stationary store, came up with this Mindfulness box which comes with journals and quote cards to remind you to be present and in the now. The packaging is adorable, which is what I love most,  but it’s still hard to put mindfulness into practice. 


Mindfulness in a box (middle) along with my other kikki-k products


Contents of box. Taken from Kikki-K website

Long story short, I NEED HELP!
So if you’re one of those lovely people who are all about positivity, embracing change and being mindful, shoot me a comment below as I would love to know more about you and how to be mindful 🙂

Ash xx