Eat With Me: Chin Chin

Those who know me well will know that I’ve recently fallen in love with this amazing eatery in Melbourne called Chin Chin! It’s reputation had preceded itself and I’d heard people rave about it on foodie blogs and urban spoon, but I’d never understood the hype about it. Until I went.
Chin Chin is best described as an Asian fusion restaurant which mostly focuses on South-East Asian cuisine such as Thai. I’d been there a couple of times with my family, but it was only until my last visit in December when I really started to crave it.

I decided to take my good friend Chris there to welcome him back home after a month away in Hong Kong, and also to have someone to gush over the food with. It was a warm Monday night (roughly 6.30pm) and I’d expected there to be no queue since it was a weekday but alas, as soon as we approached 125 Flinders Lane we could see a large crowd milling outside the entrance. But, like I said to Chris, “It wouldn’t have been the full Chin Chin experience if we didn’t have to wait in line!”


125 Flinders Lane

Fast forward 15 mins and we were finally greeted by the host. It was going to be another 45 min wait for a table for 2 until I requested a seat at the cocktail bar. Sitting at the bar is less private than a table as it’s communal and you basically rub shoulders with strangers, but on the flip side, you can talk to your partner more easily over the music and you get seated quicker, in our case only 30 mins. Under the restaurant is this really hip, relaxed bar, the Go Go bar, where people can sit, order a drink and a few nibbles while waiting, which really helped pass the time!


Once finally seated at the bar, (which btw, means you get really good service from the bartenders!), Chris and I decided to opt for their recommended ‘Feed Me’ option. It’s basically a “Chef’s choice” type of thing,  where you leave it up to the server to pick some of the best dishes (tailored to your dietary requirements.) Long story short- they literally keep serving you meals until you enter a food coma! Chris and I counted 10 full sized servings that our waitress delivered to us and we nearly exploded from our massive food babies. I reckon that this option, as opposed to selecting your dishes yourself, is really great if it’s your first time there as you get to experience all their different specialties. Plus it’s great value for money!  The feed me option costs $69 per person (min 2 ppl) which equals to $139, but we calculated that ordering all 10 meals by ourselves would have cost us $179.


All in all, Chris and I were incredibly happy with the experience and it’s definitely on our list to visit again! 

I’m not going to spoil all of Chin Chin’s surprises by telling you everything we had, but our best dishes that we most highly recommend include:

Crispy Barramundi and Green Apple Salad with sticky pork
The flavours in this dish was Ah-mazing! I never thought barramundi, apples and pork would ever go together but this combination was divine!


Barramundi and green apple salad

Twice cook grass fed Beef Short Rib
The beef was so tender it fell off the bone and melted in my mouth. Definitely a must try!


Excuse the average photography!  Was too excited to start eating to worry about decent photos 🙂

Tips and Tricks
1. Located on 125 Flinders Lane.  If walking towards Federation Square, turn left at Brunnettis in City Square and continue walking straight
2.There are no reservations so try and get there early, around 5 or 6pm for dinner, to avoid a massive wait
3. If going a la carte,  ask your waiter for their recommendations as you’re likely to be overwhelmed by their menu
4. $$$

Enjoy, and do tell me about your Chin Chin experiences if you do get a chance to try it!

Ash xx