“Comparison is the thief of joy”

I’ll admit, I was very reluctant to begin posting on this blog. It seems that amongst my peer group, people have turned towards making a blog as the new thing to past the time- especially fashion blogs. I think it’s yet another one of those phases that our generation goes through. First up was Facebook where everybody tried to get the most friends and post status updates as often as possible. Second was Tumblr, where people reblogged countless images and competed for the most followers. In the last 2 years, it’s been Instagram where people post multiple selfies, food, more selfies, and once again focus their attention on raking in the most likes. Follow for Follow anyone?

Social media does have its perks. I can see what my friends overseas are up to and it’s an easy way to let everyone know when you’re doing something exciting or eating really good food. (#foodporn) But it does have major drawbacks. I was flicking through a magazine when I read an article linking social media to depression and low morale in an adolescent’s life. It said that we are conditioned to post only the best ( and usually unrealistic) version of ourselves in order to keep up with everybody else’s seemingly perfect life. As you can imagine, pretending to be perfect is exhausting and can lend itself to serious self-esteem issues when a person’s self-image does not match their ideal self. What makes it worse is that nobody posts absolutely everything they go through. On a typical teenager’s newsfeed you’ll see smiling faces (caked of course), couples photos and designer brands bought by so and so’s partner (or parents most likely) . On my feed, that is a guarantee.  But what you don’t see are the crying faces when one is upset or the bloated tummies that society deems is not bikini body ready. What ends up happening is you get people comparing their dark, down days to other people’s highlight reel and thinking they’re not good enough, or they’ll never be perfect.

I’m not saying don’t use social media. I enjoy using Facebook as a platform to share my adventures with my friends and update my relatives overseas about life in Melbourne.  Just don’t hinge your self-worth  on it. Remember that not everything is as it seems, and everybody goes through dark days. Most importantly, don’t use it as the only method of connecting with your friends and letting them know they’re valued.  Sure, I enjoy the comments left by people but that will never beat the love and happiness I’ll feel when I receive an actual text or phone call letting me know you’re thinking of me. Better yet, I’d love to see you in person!

I stumbled onto this post (ironically on Instagram) which sums it all up perfectly.


Foster and strengthen your relationships in real life, not on the comments you get on your photos.

As I said at the start, I was nervous about posting and letting people know I have a blog as I was scared they would think I’m just copying everybody else. But like I said in my very first post, a lot has happened to me that I want to reflect on and share. I am most perfectly capable and have the skills to write, so why not? I enjoy writing and I’m doing it for myself and that’s the best reason to start anything. So for anybody who is reluctant to do something they’ve never done before, my advice is to make sure you’re doing it for yourself and not just to fit in with other people. Forget the cynics and ignore those with doubts,  because those people who sit and judge based on social media and who have nothing better to do than measure your worth from your likes or your follows don’t deserve a second of your time or thoughts.

Good luck my lovelies!

Ash xx


5 thoughts on ““Comparison is the thief of joy”

  1. You have hit all of the relevant points concerning real life versus social media life. Sadly it doesn’t change as you get older, and you still find yourself comparing against the highlight reel. I agree that social media has its benefits, but I do think it has damaged our ability to have actual “in person” relationships because you cannot keep up the front. To me nothing beats face-to-face time with friends. Great post and food for thought!

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    • ashgal25 says:

      Thank you for your insight and your thoughts about my blog! It has definitely motivated me to keep writing as I know there are people like you out there who genuinely enjoy reading my pieces 🙂


  2. As a twenty-something year old, I can definitely relate to this post! It is easy to get swept away in the social media world where everything is how you make it out to be. There are many times that I have to forcefully put my phone down after having my eyes go cross from looking at an endless stream of makeup tutorials on IG, or from spending a half an hour picking which filter to use. You have a strong, clear voice and I enjoyed reading your post!


    • ashgal25 says:

      It’s sad that it’s relatable as no one should have to go through it, but thanks for dropping by and relaying your experiences!


  3. The words on that picture ring so true, it’s absurd that it is what the world has come to. I love the topic and I love the way you’ve laid it all out. Social media was the worst possible thing to happen to me when I was depressed and getting out of it has been unbelievably amazing because I finally feel like myself and don’t feel the need to be approved by a bunch of people that aren’t even really my friends.
    Amazing post !

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